Apply Now: Registration Administrator I

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Job Details

Registration Administrator I

  • Description:Job description is attached.

    Target Bill Rate: $17.55/hr
    Max Bill Rate: $20.25/hr
  • Requirements:

    Candidate must have clean NYS Driver's License or a NYS Non-Driver ID Card.

    Potential for Extension? - Yes

    Potential to extend to Perm? - Yes

    Top skillsets/requirements:


    • Must have valid NY driver's license or NY Non-Driver's License ID.
    • Must have reliable transportation.
    • Must have excellent attendance.
    • Must have a positive attitude.
    • Must work well with others/in teamwork environment.
    • No applicants with Bachelor's or Master's degrees - they will be overqualified.
    • We are not looking for people who have only been receptionists or office assistants.
    • Must be able to use Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel).

    Position Title:

    Registration Administrator I


    Reports to Position:

    Operations Supervisor




    Prod. Hourly Structure



    FLSA Status:

     (HR Use Only)


    Job Summary: Indicate the primary purpose of the job and outline the expected results. Briefly describe why the job exists.  Give a general overview of the job, its function and purpose.

    Under general supervision, the Registration Administrator performs a variety of office support and technical tasks relating to processing motor vehicle transactions and tax collection. Processes motor vehicle titles, registrations, and validates payment amount.  Receive tax payments and file documents. Enters and retrieves information on the computer and answer Client inquiries.  Prepares registration and titling paperwork, validates and ships registration documents and license plates. The Registration Administrator may also be involved in daily cash out process, daily shipping process, scanning and saving all motor vehicle records to the computer.



    Essential Functions:

    Performs a variety of office support tasks, including answering the telephone, recording and forwarding messages, answering questions via email, fax or telephone about sales taxes and motor vehicle fees and requirements, and entering data into the computer. Follow up phone calls to customers may be necessary.  May be required to perform the duties of Courier, that includes the delivery and pick up of documentation, registration and license plates from local DMV offices and customers within the region.  May be required to assist with the document scanning process.


    Processing Teams (1-5, OLRS & Stars): 

    1.)     Examines documents submitted by customers for motor vehicle titles and registrations. Completes paperwork to process title and registration transactions for at least ONE state and ONE TEAM.

    2.)     Verifying the following information including, but not limited to: verifying taxes and fees, license plate, lienholder information, owner's information and mileage to the vehicle's registration.

    3.)     Process transaction in OLRS/Stars if applicable.

    4.)     All other duties and tasks as assigned.



    Q/A- Cash out-Shipping Teams:


    1.)     Reviews transactions submitted by Processing Team for <25 states proficiently to ensure the transaction is complete and ready for DMV processing.

    2.)     Verifying the following information including: verifying taxes and fees, license plate, lienholder information, owner's information and mileage to the vehicle's registration.

    3.)     Matches checks to transactions prior to shipping transactions to DMV.

    4.)     Responsible for accurate shipping of transactions to Vendors/Registrants/Dealers daily.






    Exceptions Team:


    1.)     Match paperwork for pending transactions for all Processing Teams.

    2.)     Respond to emails from Clients and Client Services for specific Processing Teams.

    3.)     Answer/return phone calls for all Processing Teams.


    Scanning Team:


    1.)     General understanding of paperwork and paperwork order.

    2.)     Understand the process (QA/CRS/Exceptions) so that deals are filed correctly.

    3.)     Prioritize Must Go's so that they go to QA/Supervisor by 2:00pm.

    4.)     Prioritize New York and OLRS transactions for revenue.

    5.)     Pull deals apart and put them back together correctly for all steps in the process (QA1, QA2, Append, Invoices).

    6.)     QA paperwork if necessary.

    7.)     Operate scanning software to scan and validate that scans export properly.

    8.)     All other duties and tasks as assigned.


    Non-Essential Functions:

    Assist external TMs with questions about transactions and/or state processing requirements.


    Required Knowledge and skills

    Education:   High School Diploma or Equivalent                   Details:   

    Experience:  0-2 yrs                  Details:    Knowledge of CA DMV rules or DMV experience a plus

    5.)     Excellent communications skills (verbal and written)

    6.)     Strong attention to detail

    7.)     Ability to multi-task

    8.)     Basic computer skills, proficient in Microsoft Office products

    9.)     Organizational skills

    10.)  Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

    11.)  Must have a clean driving record


    Working conditions

    Travel Required?  < 10% Travel                  

    Physical Demands? (May choose multiple or add own)

    12.)  Requires long periods of data entry (6+ Hrs)

    13.)  Requires standing for long periods of time

    14.)  Requires repeated bending and lifting >20 lbs

    15.)  Typical Office Work

    Decision Making, Autonomy, Budgeting Authority & Supervisory Responsibility

    Scope of impact of decisions: Immediate department        

    Result of decisions: Impact limited to immediate work being performed

    Problem Solving: Identifies problems, as needed escalates to others to resolve      

    Knowledge Level: Basic                               

    Level of Autonomy: Follows established procedures

    Budget Responsibility: No budget responsibility             

    Management: Does not supervise/manage others      

    If position formally manages/supervises others, What position(s) report to this position:

    16.)  NONE

    17.)  [Bulleted list item]

    18.)  [Bulleted list item]

    Key Internal and external contacts(Positions, not specific names):


    External: CLIENTS, VENDORS