Apply Now: 365 Administrator

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Job Details

365 Administrator

Atlanta, GA, 30301

Required :
•         Provide support for users in all forms of contact (walk-ins, call-ins, email, chat) to address questions and needs.
•         Work on daily operations tasks that will include new-hires, temps, Sharepoint permission changes, checking health of technology managed by Office IT team.
•         Manage users, groups, devices, permissions, conditional access via Azure portal.
•         Manage laptop config, available software, cellphone config, compliance via InTune portal.
•         Manage users, licenses, shared mailboxes, Teams, Sharepoint, OneDrive via the O365 admin portal.
•         Work on and resolve issues with VPN and Azure desktop services.
•         Manage time between helping users, and making progress on projects to improve the CONA PC, O365, and other user technology environments.
•         Write, update, and run Powershell scripts that configure the setup of user laptops.
•         Write, update, and run Powershell scripts that are used to do certain functions in O365 Admin, Azure, and Intune.
•         Monitor laptop health from compliance, configuration, and virus standpoints.
•         Maintain accurate inventory of all technology.
•         Write and maintain updated documentation for all processes.
•         Plan, write-up, and perform scheduled changes that affect the laptop and network environment.
•         Be willing to complete tasks, on occasion, that may not seem to be directly related to Office IT.
•         Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in a field related to IT, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
•         3 years of experience in IT related fields including, desktop support, MS O365, networking.
•         In depth knowledge of Windows 10
•         Experience working in Microsoft O365 and Azure Admin portals
•         Extensive Powershell knowledge
•         Basic understanding of networking
•         Must be fully vaccinated against COVID with all boosters
Skills needed:
•         Good Customer Service skills and attitude
•         Ability to troubleshoot IT issues.
•         Be able to repair/replace laptop components.
•         Ability to think outside of the box to resolve various technology needs.
•         Be able to communicate effectively, issues and resolutions to issues, to users that may be very unfamiliar with technology jargon.
•         Occasionally be able to lift 40 lbs.
Communication Skills:
•         Personable demeanor that users will be comfortable with working with when they need help.
•         Ability to help non-technical users understand issues and resolutions to issues.
•         Ability to defuse situations regarding users that are frustrated with issues they are having.